Ingredient of the Month




What better way to start off our first Fall Ingredient of the Month than with Cinnamon?

Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This makes cinnamon great for acne and the “new” fungal acne. Cinnamon increases blood flow and circulation to skin, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the skin. When the skin is oxygenated it kills bacteria on the spot, creates anti aging benefits, and an amazing GLOW. There is also a high amount of antioxidants in cinnamon! Making it great for fighting off free radicals and aging. This ingredient also allows the skin to produce more collagen! How? Through its main natural chemical component - cinnamaldehyde, this is able to active growth factors and improve collagen expression. Cinnamon also brightens & evens out the skin tone, and softens the skin while creating more hydration!

You can find Cinnamon in our Illuminate Mask! 


“I felt like I had a face lift while it [illuminate mask] was drying lol, my skin was so pretty after too!”